John Woodward



Graduated U.S.N. Hospital Corps School, Great Lakes, Illinois



Graduated U.S.N. Clinical Laboratory School, July 1, 1944,
GPA 3.8, U.S.N. Hospital, Long Beach, California



Honorable Discharge from U.S. Naval Services



San Diego State University




·      Biology and Life Science courses


U.C.L.A. Medical and Engineering Departments




·      Bioscience courses




·      Clinical and Forensic Toxicology




·      Microbiology




·      Advance courses in Biochemistry




·      Gas Chromatography Applications and Principals




·      Pharmacology of Alcohol and Drugs




Department Head of Laboratory Services




·      U.S.S. George Custer, APA 40



·      U.S.S. Wake Island, CVE 65



·      U.S.S. George Clymer, APA 27



·      Senior Operating Room Technician


Chula Vista Community Hospital




·      Established Clinical Laboratory and Surgical Departments


Private Practice



California Department of Health Services Licensed Full Service Clinical Laboratory, providing Clinical and Forensic Laboratory services to numerous physicians, medical groups, hospitals and law enforcement agencies.




·      Chula Vista Police Department



·      National City Police Department



·      Imperial Beach Police Department



·      California Highway Patrol



·      San Diego County Sheriff’s Department


Private Practice


Mr. Woodward has provided Clinical and Forensic Toxicology services for members of the California Bar Association and for many companies in the private sector.



Mr. Woodward is qualified as an expert witness in the effects of alcohol and drugs on human performance and behavior including driving motor vehicles.  He has testified for the San Diego District Attorney’s office over 2,500 times.


He has been accepted as an expert witness, in Superior Court throughout the state of California, United States District Court and Military Courts over 4,000 times, Civil Trials over 900 times and at DMV-APS hearings over 1,000 times.

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